Anonymous said:
hey I was wondering if you knew how to save videos from sites like (YouTube) so you can make gifs with them?

You mean download them? You can use this site :), copy/paste your video’s URL, choose the format you want, and download - (x)

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babyletmeshowoff said:
do you make these edits yourself? 🙊 they're really good!

I do 🙈 thank you so much boo that means a lot to me

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Anonymous said:
do you have the video link to the gif you posted on your twitter with theo taking selfies with fans? thank you in advance :)

of course sweetheart, here you go (x) :)

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sleepinthegarden-xxx said:
Can you make a Shailene woodley red hair manip if that's possible

Here you go (x)

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