"how did you do this edit? It's really good! /post/78687431485"

Thank you! And it’s actually very simple, I just played around with some textures I had, then for the text I downloaded a trailer, took the last part of it, changed the color (it was originally blue) and put it on my graphic. That’s about it.. 

If you need better explaining, just let me know and I’ll try to make a detailed tutorial. Hope that was helpful!

"I JUST WANTED TO SAY I BLOODY LOVE YOUR EDITS SO MUCH... and I really really wanted to request a cover for my wattpad story :(((( just let me know if ur able to do it!"

Thank you so much, and of course, I can make you a cover for your story.

Wonder Woman
Bruce Timm

"Your GIFs and edits are actually the best things ever."

thank you sooo muchimage

"what type of photoshop do you use?"

I use photoshop cs6 :)

"I just found your blog today and um excuse me but you gotta leave some awesome for the rest of us!! But seriously your blog is just the best and your URL is probably one of my favorites that I've seen"

awh, thank you so much that’s really sweet, it means a lotimage