Wonder Woman
Bruce Timm

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"what type of photoshop do you use?"

I use photoshop cs6 :)

"I just found your blog today and um excuse me but you gotta leave some awesome for the rest of us!! But seriously your blog is just the best and your URL is probably one of my favorites that I've seen"

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Our founders (…) divided us into five groups, factions, to keep the peace.
The smart ones, the ones who value knowledge and logic are in Erudite. They know everything.
Amity farm the land. They’re all about kindness and harmony, always happy.
Candor value honesty and order. They tell the truth even when you wish they wouldn’t.
And then there’s Dauntless. They’re our protectors, our soldiers, our police. I always thought they were amazing. Brave, fearless and free. Some people think Dauntless are crazy, which they kind of are.
My faction is Abnegation. The other all us “stiffs”. We lead a simple life, selfless, dedicated to helping others. We even feed the factionless, the ones who don’t fit in anywhere. Because we’re public servants we’re trusted to run the government.